Gushers 500mg (THC-infused)


Gushers 500mg (THC-infused)

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Out of stock

The infused gushers 500mg edibles come in 2 different flavours, both being tropical except there is a sour infused gushers pack that is loaded with more sour taste than the original gushers. The original gushers edibles and the sour infused edibles are both loaded with 500mg THC and ready to burst, or might I say gush in your mouth and leave you feeling euphoric happiness!

Inside a pack of the infused gushers 500mg edibles you can expect to find 5 gusher candies (100mg each). A beginner to taking weed edibles may only want to consume 1 or 2 gushers at a time, while someone who has more experience can go ahead and eat 3 to 5 gushers (the whole pack). Please be weary as these cannabis infused gushers most certainly pack a tropical punch that will have you lifted for several hours.


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